Hiring a Landscape Designer

A well designed landscape is dynamic — changing and evolving with the seasons over time. Good landscape design is the foundation of a successful garden. Our landscape design process requires several client interviews and site visits to thoroughly analyze existing site conditions before the drafting table sees pencil and paper.

We understand that gardens are very personal and should reflect your style and personality. Combining site analysis with your needs and desires, we create a landscape design that complements your property. Our passion for creativity and quality, and our involvement from design to installation, ensure complete customer satisfaction. Professional design and installation by Garden Concepts ensures a landscape that increases in beauty and value, now and in the future.

The rolling hills, forests, fields, and meadows of Bucks County contribute to what is special about the area. The diverse assortment of environments in Bucks County are composed of natural and historical landscapes that can be borrowed and used in a residential setting. Borrowing the natural and historical features of an area and incorporating these elements into a design provides for a landscape that never goes out of style.

While the natural features of an area provide inspiration in landscape design, there are many other landscape styles within which we create designs: English Cottage Gardens, Formal/Informal Gardens, Contemporary, and many ethnic styles, from Japanese Gardens to Tuscan-Style Gardens. Whatever your preference, we can help you achieve your goals with a landscape design that works with your home and personality.

Hiring a landscape designer does not have to be difficult. You must be comfortable with the designer’s style, and confident in their ability. References are a must. The best place to start? Check out the web site of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. Here is where you should start: www.apld.org.