Design Fees

Design Fees - Garden Concepts Landscape DesignFees are charged for our landscape design services. These charges usually start at $250 for a simple design for the front of a home and increase as the scope of the design increases in size and complexity. We will refund design fees on installations that we perform for our clients. We also reserve the right to reduce or eliminate design fees for existing clients or for new clients who are committed to using Garden Concepts for their project. We do not charge a fee for initial site visits or estimates.

Here is how the design process works: after a potential client contacts us, we set up a convenient time for a site visit and assessment. When we meet with a client, we listen and make suggestions. All potential design fees are discussed up front, as well as discussions regarding landscape elements and areas to include in the design. If the client decides to proceed with the design phase of the project, we return to measure the existing building and other structures, as well as all existing walks, patios, trees, and any other features that are to remain. A conceptual landscape design is presented to the client so that we ensure both parties are ‘on the same page’. After agreeing to the direction of the conceptual plan, we begin detailing all of the elements necessary for creating a beautiful outdoor space. These elements may include walks/paths, patios/decks/seating areas, grading/drainage, lawn areas, water features/pools, lighting, fences, and of course, planting areas. The finished landscape design is drawn to scale, with all elements and plantings clearly labeled. Revisions may be included based on the complexity of the design. A landscape installation estimate is also included. Once the construction and installation is complete, we refund the design fee as a 10% discount off the final invoice, with the maximum discount being the total design fee charged.