Landscape Maintenance Service

While we specialize in Design-Build projects, we also maintain and rehabilitate existing landscapes. Our maintenance services include bed maintenance, edging and mulching, pruning, transplanting, seasonal color (annuals, perennials and bulbs), removing overgrown and diseased plants, and re-working mature landscapes.  Removing overgrown plantings is often necessitated as a result of incorrect selection of plant material, placing plants too close to one another, and neglecting long term pruning requirements.  Providing a 2” layer of mulch over the root ball of most plants will help to moderate temperature fluctuations, maintain moisture, suppress weed growth and add organic matter to the soil.  Mulch installed over 2-3” deep can have a negative effect on plants by limiting air intake through the soil and creating a water-repellent effect.

When you hire Garden Concepts to care for your landscape, you will be ensuring that you plants are properly cared for and will improve with age.  Proper care of your landscape will protect the investment in your most important asset – your home.